Wednesday, 27 January 2010

North Hampshire Brewers Meeting 26/01/2010

Had the January meeting of our local homebrew club last night.  Drank too much, obviously.

The meeting started off with an extremely well prepared and presented talk on yeast culturing.  The process of making slants and using them to store yeast was covered as was the practice of making starters and stepping up yeast from a few hundred cells to a starter big enough to ferment 10 gallons of beer.  Thanks Michael!

The theme of the meeting was Winter Ale but we really only had two in style.  We also had a Schwarzbier, a Russian Imperial Stout, a London Porter, a Chocolate IPA (?), a couple of Belgians and I took along a couple of bottles of AK.  Other than a slight TCP issue on one of them the beers were all excellent. 

As a club we're really starting to turn out some fantastic beers month after month.


  1. Yes I agree the standard of beer over the last few meeting has been excellent. It's a pity I spent so long talking about yeasty things that I had to leave before I had tried everything!

  2. I did try everything Michael and I can assure you that it was all rather yummy. Thanks again for the talk, you've really set a high standard to follow. I've started looking into packaging and hope to be able to do something next month. I thought something along the lines of a full on powerpoint slide show followed up by a theory test for everyone to see who was listening ;-)

  3. But don't forget the feedback form for us all to fill in at the end to tell you how wonderful you are.

    Do we get a CPD certificate too?