Monday, 7 February 2011

The last batch bottled and the recipe is being tweaked for the next brew

The first batch of Green Bullet Gold using the new recipe has come out OK.  I had a few issues with the yeast not settling out as quickly as I'd hoped but it's now pretty clear and has been bottled.  Obviously I had to do a certain amount of "Quality control" but I still managed to bottle 60 pints.

I wasn't sure about using crystal malt in the recipe as I tend not to use it in my beers unless I use it to give character to a big barley wine.  I find it a little cloying.  Instead I've been using Caragold which is a very low colour crystal.  To my mind, it gives a more rounded sweetness without the distinct flavour.

So, today, I'll be brewing the same recipe but with Caragold substituted for crystal malt.  No other changes will be made to the recipe at the moment as the bitterness and flavour from the hops is pretty much what I'm looking for.  Of course this may change once I get the grist right as the balance of the beer may well change.


  1. Good luck with the brew Phil.

  2. Didn't happen in the end. I had some more urgent stuff to sort out. I'll tell you about it when I see you ;o)

    Brew day will probably be Wednesday evening.