Saturday, 13 February 2010

Green Bullet Brewday

About a year ago the brewing club had some hops donated to us by Triple fff brewery.  They've been sitting in my garage since waiting for me to pack them up and distribute.  Now I've done this I've found myself with a load of Green Bullet high alpha hops so I thought I'd brew a beer to try them out.

So, today I'm brewing Green Bullet Gold....

Brewlength 55 litres
OG 1.039
IBU 30.1

Pale Malt 8kg
Caragold 0.5kg
Flaked Maize 0.5kg

Green Bullet 25g @ 90 minutes
Green Bullet 20g @ 30 minutes
Green Bullet 20g @ 5 minutes

Yeast WLP002 (Fullers)

Mash temp 65C for 90 minutes
Boil 90 minutes

This means that I'll have 3 beers brewed with Fullers yeast for our "Different beers same yeast" night at the club.

The mash is on at the moment so I'll leave it there...


  1. Yep. I'm hoping it's going to be ready for next Saturday as I've just tapped one of the casks I was keeping for the doo! God, I'm so predictable :o)

  2. OG 1.039 and not a Fuggle in sight?? I'm not sure I'm reading the right blog :)

  3. It's only temporary. I don't want to waste a lot of malt on a Green Bullet beer if it's going to be cack, do I ;)

  4. Yep, of course. It's not bad but it is only 3 days since I pitched the yeast. So, it's young even by my standards!

  5. It's worth mentioning that this beer was fantastic. I drank one pin with friends and bottled the other.
    I took the last two bottles to the North Hampshire Brewers meeting last week.
    I actually bought a couple of bottles of Fullers Discovery tonight and I though they were very similar to my Green Bullet Gold.
    I'll definitely brew this again.