Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Double brew day

I'm sitting down with a pint or two having spent the best part of the day brewing two batches of beer today.  Not only did I brew two beers today but I also used a whole sack of malt while I did it.

First was my old favourite, Green Bullet Gold.  The recipe is in an old post so I won't bother repeating it.  The mash went well.  I preheated the heat exchanger which helped to hit the initial mash temperature.

While this beer was mashing and sparging I crushed the malt for the Imperial Russian Stout.  Oh my God, am I glad I didn't have to do this by hand.  In total there was a few grammes short of 24kg of malt including pale, brown, roast barley and amber plus 800g of #2 sugar. 

All turned out OK in the end and I pitched 3.5 litres of actively fermenting WLP002 (Fullers) yeast in each of them.

So, now I wait........and drink.......


  1. "So, now I wait........and drink....... "

    In my experience, you are so much better at one than the other. Good luck!

  2. That's a bit cheeky Mark. But true.

  3. Hello Phil, my name is Giacomo and I'm from Tuscany in Italy; i'm glad to see your website updated and that you are on duty, it is some time I dont come here; you have been of inspiration while i were designing my own HERMS.

    (which you can see here: )

    When I took the picture it was just taken at home after the "plumbing work" it is a lot smaller than your, i've used 50 Liters vessels and it is gas powered with two 7.5Kw burners (just like your pilot brewery).

    It is still a work in progress, i've been unable to make beer with it until now for various reasons, recently i've completed some construction work in the room where i will be brewing and I'll return on it very soon.

    Thank you and keep up the good work :)


    (And sorry for not being really IT)